Advanced Dynamic Web Property Optimization Plug-in Repertoire

ADWPOPR implements the proven and ever evolving online business model that capitalizes on latest iteration of the web economy - the high potential Content Network. It offers a more intuitive platform that carves out a niche in a generalist predominant market. This phenomenon is poised to capture a sizeable market potential. ADWPOPR is designed to develop and offer a single intelligent and interactive window to harness the world of opportunities available in the service sector via the web vehicle. It connects the internet users with diverse and handy services like directory services, financial and legal services, an online marketplace, social networking and so forth. Upon successful implementation of the first phase, it will be expanded to its next level of user centric personal and professional packages full of web-savvy features like online storage, audio and video storage, voice enabled video communication and other online community centric cultural connectivity at no charge.