Small and medium size businesses face the same IT Infrastructure availability and performance struggles as large enterprises. Availability, performance and revenues suffer because it is difficult to resolve IT resource and application problems quickly. In the case of small and medium businesses, this is compounded by staff and budget constraints.

And it’s not just about getting a high level of productivity from a huge, unwieldy system. It’s also about keeping the systems up and running day in and day out—avoiding outages and information bottlenecks that cut revenues, endanger mission-critical applications and leave customers furious. On top of all that, small and midsize businesses striving for success must manage IT cost-effectively; they want a quick return on investment.

Automation is the answer. But for many small and midsize businesses, homegrown IT systems, low-end solutions or freeware just don’t do the job anymore. These ambitious organizations know it’s time to move to a comprehensive solution—one that provides broad visibility into the entire IT landscape to spot potential problems and take action right away. But it must also be a solution that will let a small staff manage IT easily and efficiently.

The objective for these small and medium size organizations is to keep IT systems running smoothly, avoid outages and maintain customer satisfaction levels by keeping mission critical applications accessible at all times.

A primary objective of the iMON is to achieve the highest availability on the Internet. Achieving that availability can be accomplished only by using a comprehensive monitoring solution that includes reactive monitoring and proactive testing and monitoring, actionable alerts and ready access to intelligent troubleshooting information.