RecruIT Ver. 3.0

RecruITT Web version meets your needs

  • Metrics and Reports on your Recruiting and Hiring processes
  • Compliance and Legal Defensibility in your Recruiting and Hiring processes
  • Management of multimarket and multinational Human Capital
  • Workflow support for background / reference tracking, interviewing, selection, onboarding and more.
  • Contact management including separate group and individual calendaring.
  • Folio management for candidates, roles and organizations.
  • Resume and Role management - from position approval to automatic resume processing.
  • Full HTML Email and smart Form Letter features.
  • Position posting directly to your website and leading third-party sites.
  • Indexed search for notes, profiles, resumes.
  • Vendor management.
  • Large staffing project management.

RecruIT's data design works for you:
RecruIT Web is built around database records for individuals, roles, organizations and events. Don't suffer a solution that does not handle your raw data effectively. RecruIT's remarkable configuration possibilities arise from its practical data design, making RecruIT more user-adjustable than any competing system. It can truly be "your software, your way."

Fast resume/CV Processing, Searching & Reporting
RecruIT can auto-process resume/CVs, or they may enter the system through any of several easy-to-use channels. RecruIT also supports multi-purpose profiles to screen on positions or candidates. Once records have been created, the powerful Rollup list feature sorts and holds your results in any number of combinations, maintaining fluid inventories of opportunities and talent in the unique arrays that make sense for your organization and style. Maintaining talent pools can yield strategic advantages when conditions are suitable; the lifecycle of your selected solution may encompass more than one industry or economic cycle.

Superior Speed & Cost Effectiveness
The architecture of RecruIT can create large savings in lifecycle costs, either ASP or installed on your MS Windows web server. RecruIT uses CGI technology (like Hotmail and E-Trade) for speed, security, and scalability. The system is composed of many individual executables, which can load, run and unload in a fraction of a second. Users experience a seamless Website using minimum bandwidth and CPU resources. That means lower costs for everyone.

RecruIT Web is a proven web workhorse... fast, even on a dialup modem connection. Unlike some other "web-based" competitors that require a variety of data and software on the end-user's computer, RecruIT requires only Windows Internet Explorer, which is present on all PCs